finland exercise baana 20 F-18 Hornet
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Finland: exercise Baana 20 to bring F/A-18s to a highway strip in Lapland

Lapland Air Command will conduct the Baana 20 road base exercise at the Hosio highway strip in Ranua, Lapland from 7 to 11 September 2020. The regional road no. 924 will be closed during the exercise.

Readiness to operate out of a dispersed base network is a part of the Finnish Air Force doctrine, which emphasizes mobility. Thus, all Finnish fighter pilots train how to fly from temporary operating bases. Baana 20 will include take-offs and landings at a road base, which will be established on a strip of regional road no. 924 near the village of Hosio in the municipality of Ranua.

Baana 20 will feature F/A-18 Hornet multi-role fighters, Hawk jet trainers, as well as transport and liaison aircraft. The aircraft participating in the exercise will operate out of their home bases. Both active-duty personnel and conscripts will take part the exercise. Baana 20 will be led by Lieutenant Colonel Tomi Iikkanen, Commander of Fighter Squadron 11, Lapland Air Command.

The flight operations of Baana 20 will begin on Monday 7 September and end on Thursday 10 September, Friday 11 September being a back-up day. Daily flight operations are scheduled to take place between 9 am and midnight each day.