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Video: SU-57 flies with new NPO Saturn Product 30 engine

Russia’s PAK FA (T-50) Sukhoi SU-57 flew on 5th December 2017 for the first time with the NPO Saturn “Product 30” engine, which will be the production standard engine for the new russian fifth generation stealth combat aircraft.

The flight, from Gromov flight test centre at Zhukovsky AB, was performed by the Hero of the Russian Federation, the chief test pilot of PJSC “Sukhoi Company” (as part of the UAC), Sergei Bogdan. The flight duration was 17 minutes and was completed in accordance with the conditions of the flight assignment. The flight test was conducted by the second Su-57 aircraft prototype, the T-50-2.

Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said: “a successful flight with a new engine gives an additional impetus to the program of a 5th generation fighter. This is proof of the high potential of Russian aircraft building, capable of creating highly intelligent advanced systems.”

Sukhoi has built nine flight prototypes of the PAK FA T-50 now Su-57 fighter powered by NPO Saturn Product 117 engines, derived from the AL-41F-1S afterburning turbofans developed for the Su-35. The Product 30 engine should provide more thrust and fuel efficiency with reduced weight and maintenance requirements. The Su-57 featuring stealth technology, internal weapons bays, advanced sensors, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars and infrared search and track cameras, and will act as competitor of US F-22 Raptor.

The Su-57 should become Sukhoi’s largest military product by 2020, but the russian government is still in the phase of plan the number of Su-57s to buy. The Su-57 is expected to enter service after the end of this decade.

Source: UAC Russia