USMC MV-22 Ospreys in Gran Canaria
Copyright: Antonio Rodriguez Santana

USMC MV-22 Ospreys stop in Gran Canaria island

From time to time, these spectacular tiltrotors aircraft belonging to the US Marines pass from the island of Gran Canaria, coming from the joint hispanic-US air base of Morón, in the province of Seville.

This happened on November 8th when a team made up of two C-130J Hercules and four Bell Boeing MV-22 Ospreys of the United States Marines Corps made a stop at Gran Canaria on Gando Air Base during their transfer to Dakar.

Just the day when a large group of photographers and aviation enthusiasts had been able to enjoy an open day (IV OPEN DAY at GCLP) for spotters at the nearby Gran Canaria civil airport, they was able to witness the spectacular arrival of this group of approaching planes, thanks to the energetic sound of the powerful Osprey blades. Unmistakable emotion for most aviation enthusiasts who have seen these particular american aircraft for the first time.

One of the Osprey was left to Gando because of some unspecified technical problem, suppose, replaced by another plane coming a few hours later, until the group returned Thursday, November 16th. The day after the Ospreys left Gando to return to their base in Seville.

All MV-22 Ospreys belong to the Expeditionary Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron VMM-261 “Ragin Bulls” in Morón, although their main base in the US is the US Marine Corps Air Station New River in North Carolina.

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Article and images: Antonio Rodriguez Santana