Russian Air Force SU-34 bomber
Copyright: Russian Aerospace Force, Russian MoD

Russian Air Force fighter jets practice landing on highway during military drills

The Su-30M2 fighters and Su-34 bomber of the SMD Air Force and Defence Army’s mixed air formation have practised conveyor aircraft landing on a highway for the first in Rostov region within the flight tactical exercise.

Pilots of air task unit of the Fourth Air and Air Defense Forces Command landed planes thrice on the 18 metres wide highway. During the exercise, runway guard units repelled a simulated attack of a commando group.

A Ka-27 search-and-rescue helicopter also trained evacuation of wounded serviceman. During training flights, pilots worked out the procedure for landing on a mock damaged runway, and in conditions of applied chemical weapons by enemy.

In addition, during training flights, the Su-30M2 and Su-34 fighters trained dogfighting against a simulated enemy, carrying out stunts of complex aerobatics.

Source: Russian Aerospace Force, Russian MoD
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