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New version of Eurofighter flight simulator for Spain and Germany

Indra further strengthened its position as the simulation solutions leader for the Eurofighter. The company has been selected to develop the new version of this system in the frame of the agreement reached by the German and Spanish Ministries of Defense, also thanks to the key role of Indra company in the program for developing the Eurofighter as the second supplier of avionic equipment and systems for this aircraft .

Incorporating the latest developments in the European fighter jet, the simulator will be the only system capable of covering all the needs for training in countries with Eurofighters. Indra has begun developing a new version of the Eurofighter simulator, which will train the pilots of one of the world’s most advanced fighter jets. The system is on schedule for delivery by end of 2019.

The new simulator will include all the incorporated improvements that have been enhancing the capabilities of this advanced fighter jet, particularly regarding radar, electronic defense systems and next-generation avionics. Indra is working on a system that will be the only one capable of providing the highest level of training to pilots by realistically replicating the present Eurofighter configuration.

Indra is particularly prominent in this project by contributing next-generation solutions for mission planning, instruction positioning and exercise debriefing systems; equipping all of them with a common human-machine interface for planning, monitoring and controlling the tactical environment and all aspects related to pilot reactions in an environment of missions in a highly complex network. This simulator version will also incorporate new high-fidelity technology to increase the quality with which scenarios are recreated in the system viewer.

The new simulator’s development is framed within the collaboration agreement between the German and Spanish Ministries of Defense for further developing the Eurofighter’s Pilot Synthetic Training System (SPTS). By launching the program, the Spanish and German industries now take the lead in developing next-generation training systems for the platform.

For Spain, Indra leads the development of the system with a highly salient contribution in terms of workload and technological contribution. The project places Indra among the pathfinders for developing future simulation systems. The company also ensures that it can also provide its customers with state-of-the-art simulation technologies.

This project also provides further continuity to the leadership that Indra has already had in developing the Eurofighter simulator. The company has piloted the joint enterprise Eurofighter Simulation Systems GmbH (ESS) since its very foundation and handled the coordination of all the development work in the first versions of the fighter jet’s simulator. Indra also developed some of the key functional features of the system such as the position of the simulator instructor and the design of the alternative aircraft for all the systems, an element that simulates the behavior of other aircraft with which the pilot interacts during the exercises.

A training primer for the Eurofighter

In parallel, the Spanish Ministry of Defense has also awarded Indra a contract for developing two Part Task Trainers (PTTs) for the Eurofighter. These PTTs are simulators that will providing basic training and also incorporate the fighter jet’s most recent standards.

Indra will develop this system exclusively for the Spanish Armed Forces. The solution is scheduled for delivery in December 2018 and will be implemented at the airbases in Albacete (Wing 14) and Morón (Wing 11) to provide pilots with initial basic training. These pilots will thus be in contact with Eurofighter controls from the very beginning to acclimatize the new military symbols used by the aircraft.

The modularity and flexibility afforded by the PTT will make it the simulation solution of choice for the Ministry of Defense in the international export campaigns that it leads. These campaigns include one currently underway with the Colombian Air Force.

In addition to its role in developing the simulator, Indra is not only the second largest supplier of avionics equipment and systems for the Eurofighter, but also a benchmark in testing systems, simulation equipment and maintenance solutions. The company’s participation in developing the new version of the simulator further solidifies Indra’s position as a benchmark supplier for the Eurofighter program and will ensure its involvement in future platform developments.

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