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M346 Aircraft of the Polish Air Force – Logistic Support System (LSS)

On 08.12.2017 the Ministry of National Defence – Armaments Inspectorate, officially signed the acceptance of the Logistic Support System (LSS), supplied by Leonardo Company in support of the eight M346 training aircraft of the Polish Air Force (PLAF).

The LSS, identified with the AFM application (Air Fleet Management) produced by Integrated Aerospace Systems, is a software suite designed for operational, technical and logistical support of aircraft for Deblin air base, home of the 41 Baza Lotnictwa Szkolnego. Designed with a multi-aircraft management logic, the system will allow the operators to support:

  • The planning and management of operational activity;
  • The configuration control, airworthiness and fleet scaling;
  • The management of the supply chain (Supply Chain Management);
  • The decision support (Decision Support).

AFM – Air Fleet Management

Air Fleet Management (AFM) is an application software based on modern web technologies and relational database designed for the management of civil and military aviation aircraft.

The use of the program in heterogeneous operational contexts, through the implementation and refinement of functionalities and specific management modules, has allowed the AFM to comply with the most disparate technical and operational requirements, to make it a versatile management tool, adaptable to the support of any type of aircraft and it can be integrated with other management software.

In the development of the project, during which the necessary changes to customize the program and comply with PLAF requirements were made, AFM was integrated into the following software of the aircraft, with the aim of rationalizing the data conveyed between the systems and reducing the workload on operators.

  • TMIS (Training Management Information System);
  • GSS (Ground Support System);
  • T&GO (Touch and Go, to manage the Interactive Electronic Technical Publications)

Furthermore, AFM was equipped with other systems useful for Decision Support Management and reliability analysis and, in particular:

  • Board, Business Intelligence software;
  • Reliasoft, Reliability Engineering software.

Integrated Aerospace Systems srl

IAS srl is an Italian small enterprise that operates in the Information Communication Technology sector (ICT), specialized in the production of software applications for the technical, operational and logistics management of aeronautical fleets in civil e military.

The IAS srl has engineering staff for the development of applications and analysts coming from the Italian Air Force with extensive experience gained in the technical and logistics management of aircraft. This allowed the IAS srl to undertake projects for the development and integration of advanced technological systems for engineering applied to the Defence field.

The operational flexibility of the IAS, as a company able to accurately adapt and satisfy the Customers requirements, has been recognized through the adoption of AFM as a reference system for the management of the fleet of the National Fire Brigade Corps and of some departmental components of the Leonardo Company Helicopters Division, with particular reference to ATWA (Agusta Westland Training Academy) for which a specific management module has been created.

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