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BAE Systems ramps AN/ASQ-239 F-35 electronic warfare system production

BAE Systems, Inc. is providing Lockheed Martin with additional electronic warfare (EW) systems, retrofit kits, and spares for the F-35 Lightning II aircraft. The contract builds on BAE Systems’ on-time delivery of more than 800 state-of-the-art AN/ASQ-239 electronic warfare/countermeasure systems to date, providing F-35 jets with critical situational awareness and survivability capabilities.

We’ve delivered cutting-edge electronic warfare systems for every F-35 fighter,” said Deb Norton, vice president of F-35 Solutions at BAE Systems.Our team is focused on manufacturing excellence and execution, providing agile, adaptable systems to outpace the current and future threat.

This Lot 16 award comes as BAE Systems delivers Lot 14 systems and executes material orders for Lot 15. The company is currently producing 18 shipsets a month as it ramps production to more than 20 shipsets a month in 2022 to match F-35 aircraft Low Rate Initial Production.

The AN/ASQ-239 EW system provides advanced offensive and defensive capabilities that enable the F-35 to engage complex and highly capable threats. The innovative system is designed for performance, manufacturability, sustainability, and future upgradability.

BAE Systems is a leader in system affordability, having reduced the cost of the F-35 EW system by 77% since it was first produced and achieving all affordability targets since the inception of the program. The company is also among Lockheed Martin’s highest-rated suppliers for both quality and on-time delivery.

BAE Systems also is a leader in EW – designing, manufacturing, and sustaining some of the most advanced systems in the world. The company is focused on agile engineering, manufacturing, and sustainment solutions to accelerate the transition of laboratory innovations to the field. The company’s expertise in performance-based logistics has yielded a 60% improvement in F-35 EW system availability.