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AMTC2022 Elevated: Leonardo AW609 EMS mock-up and AW169 featured at the US medical transport industry tradeshow

This year the annual tradeshow for the Association of Air Medical Services in US takes place in Tampa, Florida, from October 24 – 26, enabling Leonardo to share, with other community players, thoughts and perspectives about the many challenges faced by critical care transport providers.

Leonardo is back to AMTC, the annual tradeshow for the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) focusing on the newest technologies and the most innovative products and services for the medical transport industry. This year the exhibition, called AMTC2022 Elevated, takes place in the Gulf Coast of Florida, in Tampa from October 24 – 26.

Attendees are emergency medical and critical care professionals of air and ground medical transport services: physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pilots, Part 135 operators and aircraft manufacturers.

Along with providing the opportunity to gather with other community players to share thoughts and perspectives about the many challenges faced by critical care transport providers, Leonardo’s attendance at AMTC will feature the EMS mock-up of the AW609, along with the static display of an AW169 in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) configuration.

In the North American EMS market Leonardo has a fleet of over 100 helicopters, across of AW119s, AW109s, AW169s and AW139s, and globally there are over 650 Leonardo search and rescue and emergency medical service helicopters, saving lives every day in more than 50 countries.

The Leonardo booth will feature an EMS mock-up of the AW609. The AW609 Medical Equipped Cabin can board up to five medical crew members and one patient on a stretcher. The smooth, low vibratory flight profile and pressurized cabin, capable of sea level pressurization, enables a higher level of life saving care to be administered if needed.

Flying twice as fast as conventional helicopters, the AW609 doubles the reach in the critical “golden hour”, the period of time during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical and surgical treatment will prevent death, while its long range enables direct patient or organ transfer between hospitals, greatly reducing the number of loading and offloading cycles.

Leonardo will feature on static display an AW169 in EMS configuration, to be operated by Life Link III. Life Link III is an EMS operator in Minnesota and Wisconsin that ensure in-flight critical care and transport patients across the Upper-Midwest of the United States, through its mixed fleet of 15 helicopters across AW169, AW119Kx, AW119 IFR and AW109 Trekker.

With more than 130 helicopters in service in 25 countries and more than 300 orders all over the word, the AW169 is the new generation helicopter, also conceived for EMS missions, whose presence in the US EMS market is growing among several operators in various States.

The AW169 offers the best in class cabin volume, with flexible interior layouts designed to have 360° patient accessibility, essential for critical care. The AW169 can transport two patients and give medical personnel, in addition to critical care equipment. Wide doors offer easy access to the cabin and a separated baggage compartment is large enough for extra equipment and stretchers.

The aircraft features also unparalleled PC1-CAT.A performance and a unique APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) mode, allowing the cabin’s main systems to stay “powered on” even with stopped rotors. Thanks to the recent aerodynamic improvements, the new Phase 7 and 8 core avionics software release and the performance increase packages introduced on the aircraft starting in late 2021, the AW169 is the helicopter model with the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

Furthermore, the AW169 also offers operators all three undercarriage options, retractable or fix landing gear, skids. The AW169 is a standout in the EMS market and will be a standout at AMTC.

Images: Leonardo