Cambio comando al Comforaer Marina Militare
Copyright: Raffaele Fusilli

New Commander of Italian Naval Aviation

On Tuesday 24 October, at the Grottaglie Aircraft Station in the south of Italy, in the presence of the Commander in Chief of the Naval Fleet, Admiral Donato Marzano, as well as of civilian and military authorities, there was the ceremony for succession at the command of the italian Naval Aviation Command between the Admiral Giorgio Gomma, assignor, and the Rear Admiral Placido Torresi, successor.

Admiral Giorgio Gomma leave the command after almost four years, now to cover other important assignments at the Joint-Defense Operation Command. Rear Admiral Placido Torresi comes from La Spezia, where he recently left the First Naval Division Command.

COMFORAER was established on 1 January 2000 by a formal act of the Navy Chief of Staff as a result of a radical restructuring of the Naval Aviation organization.

The birth of COMFORAER as a new complex Operating Command has been dictated by the need to rationalize the use of human and material resources, in response to recent scenarios that have resulted in a significant increase in the activities of all naval military operations and form the emergence of new needs.

From the italian Naval Aviation Command, subordinate to the Command in Chief of Naval Fleet (CINCNAV), are  dependent the Grottaglie Aircraft Station with the fixed embarked wing and the 4th Helicopter Group, the Helicopter Stations in Luni, with the 1st and 5th Group Helicopters, the Helicopter Station in Catania, with the 2nd and 3rd Helicopter Group, as well as the Patica Practice Section with P-180 aircraft.

The Naval Aviation Command has the main task of providing fleet vessels with trained and ready-to-fly flight crew and aircraft and helicopters, together with the necessary technical-logistic support.

Article and images: Raffaele Fusilli