Hoverfly AW109 Trekker
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Hoverfly, the excellence of VIP helicopter flights

How could be a VIP helicopter flight described as? VIP flights are a mix of comfort and attention to details which make passengers feel unique and cocooned even when far away from home. And how can such a bespoke service be offered to some of the highest net worth and selective individuals in the world?

Hoverfly is the answer! The leading Italian helicopter company in executive passengers transport service owns a varied fleet of single and twin engine helicopters which can satisfy the most demanding customers and provide them with the utmost quality services.

Born in Pescara in 2009 from the entrepreneurial intuition of Saturnino De Cecco, Hoverfly kicked off its activity with two AS355N and a Dauphin AS365 N2 and kept on growing over time reaching a varied fleet made up of eight helicopters – both owned and managed – which make the company an undisputed leader in the market. At the same time, the company has obtained COA, Part 145, AMO, CAMO, ATO, ISO 9001:UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certifications, thus being allowed to operate in all fields and manage its own fleet as well as third party helicopters maintenance, other than ensuring the highest standards in terms of safety.


Not only an obsessive attention to maintenance, but also the ability to turn VIP helicopters transfers from point A to point B into sensorial experiences are what make this company successful. Thanks to an ultra-efficient team, skilled to grasp customer needs and exceed all expectations, passengers can enjoy flying over amazing landscapes along the most popular UNESCO sites such as Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine Peninsula, to name just a few.

Each and every small detail matters and the Hoverfly talented team always goes the extra mile when it comes to planning luxury flights. From the first phone call to the arrival at destination, through flight planning and operational assessments, nothing is ever left to chance. This approach makes Hoverfly truly unique and always focused on achieving its ultimate goal, that is excellence in terms of customer care and satisfaction.

Behind this dream team there is a strong, charismatic leader who is always ready to embrace new challenges: Saturnino “Nino” De Cecco.

Other than being a successful entrepreneur, Nino is a flight enthusiast and helicopter pilot himself with an in-depth knowledge of aircrafts. It is hard not to be impressed by his passion for flying! I was amazed by his authenticity and ease when talking about flight, supported by strong technical foundations which led him to opt for a revolutionary approach in the private aviation business.

Among his successful intuitions let us mention the unusual choice to fly even the shorter routes by sophisticated twin engine helicopters such as AW109 Grand New, or the feeling that luxury industry knows no crisis at a global level and that such high-demanding market would require to raise the standards of a unique service and create a brand-new culture of “Tailor made” helicopter flights.

Behind each mission and before a helicopter can actually fly and safely perform a service in compliance with current regulations, indeed, there is a team of highly skilled professionals committed to make it happen.

I love being actively connected with the entire team and contribute to the career growth of every single member, from pilots to technicians as well as sales and operations executives” – says Saturnino De Cecco – “so as to allow them to achieve high levels of specialization and take over leading roles in the company. The aviation industry is a complex and serious matter which requires full support and cooperation of all team members.

Hoverfly is like a big family made up of about 50 professionals. I give the vision, people make it happen. Companies are made up of people and here at Hoverfly they are all young and talented.

Among the latest projects developed, I am very proud of the creation of our own flight school. Hoverfly had already obtained ATO (Approved Training Organization) Certification to conduct advanced training on helicopters already belonging to our fleet, but we still missed a tile: another helicopter with more affordable rates yet with high performances, an exciting way to truly experience what flying a helicopter is all about. Introducing Robinson R22 in our fleet was the answer!”

Other than R22, one of the latest purchases is represented by Leonardo AW109 Trekker helicopter, which has truly impressed both Hoverfly and its clientele thanks to its versatility, comfort and safety which make it the perfect choice for VIP transport.

Passion, dedication and expertise embodied by Saturnino make this company truly unique and the undisputed leader in the private aviation business.

Flying over Amalfi Coast by Leonardo AW109 Helicopter and Hoverfly

I have been dealing with flight for over twenty years, have gained my first pilot’s licence in 2005 and have been writing about flight ever since 2010, so nothing should surprise me anymore… nevertheless I have been amazed by the attention and kindness Hoverfly has given us during our visit. A unique modus operandi where nothing is left to chance, in a totally different way from what is usually allowed to press, as we could enjoy the privilege of a thrilling flight over Amalfi Coast!

Not just a simple flight but a memorable lifetime experience over a gem nestled among the sea and mountains, a mixture of overwhelming natural beauty carefully crafted by man’s wit and Neapolitan hospitality. Discovering this natural paradise by helicopter is such an unparalleled experience!

Particularly, AW109 Trekker we have been flying with, is equipped with skids and a soundproofed spacious cabin, thus providing customers with a safe and comfortable flight experience. I have been visiting so many places over time by of the most diverse means of transport, but this is definitely something I would repeat right now!

“Hoverfly – says Saturnino De Cecco – does not solely operate in the Gulf of Naples but all over the Italian territory and neighboring Countries, thanks to its varied fleet and operating bases. Additionally, we provide our customers with exclusive wine tour & gourmet experience proposals, sightseeing flights and many more travel solutions, as shown on our website www.hoverfly.it. Our company can also develop tailor-made flight packages, manage third party helicopters, act as a private jet broker and is certified under COA/CAMO on AW139 to AW109 series as well as AS355, AS350, EC130, EC120, R44 and R22.”

Let us get better acquainted with Leonardo AW109 Trekker

The twin-engine AW109 Trekker is a flexible, rugged and reliable aircraft that offers a high payload and a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 6 passengers and be reconfigured quickly, making it ideally suited to a wide range of applications. With best-in-class lifting capability, superior range and outstanding performance, the multi-role AW109 Trekker enables operators to tackle even the most demanding missions.

The AW109 Trekker’s cabin is spacious and soundproofed, thus providing passengers with a safe and comfortable flight experience. The helicopter combines technology and safety with a modular state-of-the-art Genesys Aerosystems glass cockpit to minimise pilot workload and enhance situational awareness.

High power margins and full crashworthiness maximise safety in all flight conditions. The AW109 Trekker’s best-in-class payload and performance make it ideally suited to VIP passenger transport as well as Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. Excellent Category A Class 1 performance ensures the aircraft can safely take off and land in tightly enclosed areas and respond rapidly to incidents. The spacious cabin enables efficient patient care.

Leonardo AW109 Trekker Technical Sheet

  • Twin-engine
  • IFR instruments
  • Crew: 1/2
  • Passengers: up to 6
  • Maximum Speed 152 knots – 281 km/h
  • Cruise Speed 145 knots – 268 km/h
  • Maximum Range 450nm – 833 km

The author, the Director Gianluca Vannicelli and the entire Aviation Report editorial staff wish to thank Hoverfly and Dr. Saturnino De Cecco for the kind welcome received.