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First flight for the new russian radar surveillance plane A-100

The newest multifunctional aviation complex of radar surveillance and guidance (RLDN) A-100 made its first flight.

On November 18, 2017, made the first flight from the aerodrome Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex. G.M. Beriev (part of the UAC), the A-100 a new generation plane for radar surveillance and fighter guidance. The aircraft was piloted by the crew of the TANTK. G.M. Beriev. During the flight, the A100 demonstrated regular behavior in all modes.

The new russian awacs A-100 was created on the basis of the military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A built at Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant Group OAK – Aviastar-SP. The aviation complex of the new generation RLDN A-100 is being created by the TANTK. G.M. Beriev (part of the UAC) within the framework of the State Arms Program in conjunction with the Vega Radio Engineering Concern. The aircraft will replace the A-50 and A-50U air complexes.

A-100 is a multifunctional aviation complex of radar surveillance and guidance capable of rapidly expanding the radar field in a given operational direction, detecting and accompanying air and other targets, as well as participating in the control of fighter and strike aircraft when hit air, land and sea targets.

The new A-100 would be delivered to the Russian Aerospace Force from 2020.

Source and photo credits: United Air Corporation UAC