Leonardo AW169 EMS
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European Rotors 2022: Leonardo showcases latest helicopter capability enhancements and advanced mission training solutions

The exceptional showcase for the European rotary wing community is back in Germany: Leonardo will feature its latest innovations and technologies on mission capability, safety, sustainability and digitalization. Taking place from 8-10 November, the second edition of European Rotors, the major rotorcraft event dedicated to the European VTOL community, returns to the Cologne Fair in Germany.

The three-day event, organised by the EHA (European Helicopter Association) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), will see the participation of OEMs, operator, and regulators covering the entire civil sector of the VTOL industry.

Europe is the world’s largest market for commercial and public service helicopters and it represents for Leonardo the largest rotary fleet on a continent, with almost 1,000 civil and public service helicopters in operation across Europe. These aircraft performa wide range of missions, including passenger transport, law enforcement, emergency medical service, offshore, and search and rescue.

During the EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium, an integrated part of the European Rotors programme, Leonardo will showcase its latest innovations and technologies focussed on safety, sustainability, and digitalization, as its key values to shape the future of vertical flight.

On its booth [Hall n.7 – Stand N. 1700], Leonardo will feature an AW169 light intermediate helicopter configured to perform EMS (Emergency Medical Services) missions, along with a light version of the MITHOS, the modular interactive trainer for helicopter operators.

The Leonardo AW169 EMS

With nearly 150 helicopters in service in 25 countries logging in excess of 125,000 flight hours and more than 300 orders all over the world, the AW169 is a latest generation helicopter in its class, and can be operated for EMS missions.

Extremely competitive in Europe for all key roles, the AW169 has proven to be successful in EMS missions, especially in Italy and UK, as well as in offshore and wind operations (including Germany), but also in VIP Corporate transport and law enforcement, a success more recently also extended to the defence sector.

The AW169 offers the best-in-class cabin volume, with flexible interior layouts designed to have 360° patient accessibility, essential for critical care. The AW169 can transport two patients and give medical personnel, in addition to critical care equipment. Wide doors offer easy access to the cabin and a separated baggage compartment is large enough for extra equipment and stretchers.

The aircraft features unparalleled PC1-CAT.A performance and a unique APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) mode, allowing the cabin’s main systems to stay “powered on” even when the rotors are stopped. Thanks to the recent aerodynamic improvements, the new Phase 7 and 8 core avionics software release and the performance increase packages introduced on the aircraft starting in late 2021, the AW169 is the helicopter model with the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. Furthermore, the AW169 is also the only modern CS29-certified helicopter offering operators all three undercarriage options, retractable or fix landing gear, skids.

MITHOS, the modular interactive trainer for helicopter operators

Leonardo will also present the MITHOS, the modular interactive trainer for helicopter operators, which will be featured in a light version showcased in combination with the AW169 exhibited in the static display. MITHOS is the full immersive and interactive operational training in both rescue and wind farm support duties for Hoist Operators.

Leonardo mithos system
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Rescuers and Medical Operators, which enhances safety and mission effectiveness, ensuring a realistic, effective and eco-friendly training, thanks to the latest state-of the-art augmented reality. MITHOS training will reduce risk occurrence, ensuring better training quality and less flight activities.

MITHOS will contribute to show the evidence of the level of investments made to provide operators not just with the best platform but also with complete support and training capabilities, from flight to maintenance and mission.

Additionally, Leonardo will attend events and contribute to discussions on key operational and safety subjects for the rotorcraft community covering emergency medical service and search and rescue, law enforcement and homeland security, energy industry support through procedures, technology innovation, and solutions for greater sustainability.

To learn more about the MITHOS system, click here to read our report from June 2022 [italian language]

Images: Aviation Report Archive / Stefano Monteleone, Gianluca Vannicelli