Israel Bell 407GXi

Bell delivers first Bell 407GXi to be based in Israel

Bell Textron Inc. company announced the delivery of the first Bell 407GXi for an Israeli customer. The aircraft was purchased by cousins Yossi and Yoav Avrahami. The aircraft acceptance took place at the Bell facility in Mirabel and is currently en route to Israel. This delivery marks the 31st country to become the home of a Bell 407GXi.

The Bell 407GXi is an excellent aircraft for corporate and VIP transportation, providing both comfort and speed while safely getting passengers to their destination,” said Patrick Moulay, senior vice president, International Commercial Sales. “This aircraft has had many successes around the world and assists with a variety of missions such as public safety, utility, HEMS, and training. We are excited for the Avrahamis to join the Bell family.

There are more than 1,500 Bell 407s operating around the world in six continents, surpassing six million total fleet flight hours. The aircraft sets a high standard for single-engine aircraft with its unmatched reliability and performance.

We are proud to take delivery of the first Bell 407GXi in Israel,” said Yossi, CEO, Yossi Avrahami Company. “As business owners, this aircraft was a great investment for our personal and business needs. The Bell 407GXi will help my cousin and I save time in our busy lives and provide us memorable experiences from the sky.

The Bell 407GXi is outfitted with the new Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 turbine engine equipped with two dual-channel FADEC turbine, delivering exceptional hot and high performance, fuel efficiency and the ability to cruise at 133 kts/246 km/h. Garmin’s G1000H NXi Integrated Flight Deck, complete with high-resolution displays and faster processors, offers increased brightness and clarity, faster startup and map rendering, as well as connectivity to tablets and smartphones.